We truly appreciate the support we have received from everyone throughout our Tri-Town Community!

We would like to invite everyone who has something to contribute to resolving the safety issues and improving the facilities at ORR to the next Tri-Town Unified Recreational Facilities, Inc. Meeting on Tuesday, August 6, 7pm in the ORR Library. Please make every effort to attend.

This will be a working meeting and subcommittees will be formed to create solutions for our community. Thanks for being a part of it!

  • 1/3 of the stage lights in the auditorium are old and broken and replacement parts are no longer available.

  • The main field is compacted from over-use - no amount of fertilizer will correct it. Kids are at risk, and at any time an official could close the field. In fact, it almost happened last fall when a coach protested to officials about the poor field conditions.

  • The track’s top has worn down to the tar base, becoming slippery. Opposing track coaches have expressed concern about sending their kids to ORR’s track meets.

  • The annual investment to correct this? (Per average household) In Marion: $25.11/year, Mattapoisett: $19.57/year, Rochester: $34.39/year. (Year 1 - in subsequent years, this amount will not increase, but could decrease based upon the financing plan. These are Year 1 costs.)

Poor conditions at field - PRIMARY.jpg

Let’s support arts and athletics in the Tri-Town and fix the aging infrastructure.


Auditorium Repairs

1/3 of the spotlights no longer function, and it is difficult to find replacement parts because they are so old. The spotlights run so hot that students need to wear oven-mitt like gloves when operating the lights to protect themselves from burns.

In addition, while parts of the sound chain have been replaced, the sound system is still in need of new wiring and monitors on stage and in the control room.

Track infield1.jpg

Track’s infield

The infield of the track is in obvious need of repair.

Main field pic2 - use.jpg

Main Field

The main multi-purpose field at Old Rochester High School is generally considered the worst in the South Coast High School conference. Despite maintenance, the field is compacted due to heavy use all year long, including through the growing seasons. The field doesn’t have the opportunity to rest because the lack of field space requires this main field to be used all year long without rest or recovery time.

Cracked Track.jpg


The track is nearing the end of its expected life. The base layer is cracking and the surface is starting to buckle. Resealing the top will not correct it given the age of the track.