What problems does this project address? The deteriorating conditions in the auditorium (lights and sound), track and main field. Use the menu at the top of the page and click “The Problem” and “The Solution” to read more on this.

How many students will be impacted? 70% of all ORR students participate in sports or arts programs that will benefit from this project.

What is the cost of this project?  Mattapoisett:  $19.57 / Year, Marion: $25.11 / Year, Rochester: $34.39 / Year.  These are first year costs for an average single family home in each town, based upon the averages provided by each town. The loan will be 15 years. The costs will not rise, but could go down based upon the type of financing selected.

Why is the cost different for each town?  According to the Regional District Agreement, each town’s responsibility for a capital project’s cost is based upon the percentage of students at the regional Junior and Senior High from each town in the first year of the loan.

What are the steps to make this a reality? This needs to pass at BOTH Town Meeting and a ballot election in each town. 

Why is the loan for 15 years? We do not want the loan to exceed the expected life of these items. The expected life of the track, the base drainage and shock pad on the main field are expected to exceed 15 years. The top turf carpet of the main field and the lighting are expected to last 12-15 years with the newest technology.

Is there rental income available? What would be done with that income? The youth lacrosse and football programs have agreed to a field rental structure, and the facility would be available for rent to other outside groups, as well. The School Committee is discussing a revolving account in which the rental income can be saved for future capital needs. 

Will “crumb rubber” be used?  NO. The committee has already committed to no crumb rubber.

What about the money that has already been raised by the ORR TURF group? The TURF committee has said it will dedicate the money raised toward the other parts of the ORR outdoor athletic complex not addressed by this project, which was part of the initial, larger plan.