Current Facility Conditions



•1/3 of the spot lights do not function and it is difficult to find replacement parts, since the equipment is so old.

•The lights run hot, so the kids operating them in the ceiling need to be careful.

•Parts of the audio chain were replaced in recent years and this will complete that work to bring the system fully digital, making it much easier to set up and giving the kids experience on today’s technology. It adds monitors on-stage and in the control room.



Track Infield

Track Infield


•The track is at the end of its expected useful life.

•The top layer is disappearing, exposing the tar base.

•The track is cracking, which is to be expected at this age.

•The track infield suffers from the same conditions as the main field.


•The ground is uneven with large areas of bare grass.

•The field is used through the spring and fall and never has a chance to recover. Despite being maintained, the constant usage prevents the grass’ repair.

•Because the ground is so compacted due to age and high usage, the field doesn’t drain effectively.

•These conditions force game cancellations or require games to be scheduled off-site. (including last autumn’s soccer playoffs)

•The lighting on this field is old and ceases to function occasionally.

•Our student athletes are put at a competitive disadvantage having to play in these conditions.

Main Field

Main Field

Main field pic2.jpg