AUGUST, 2019: As a follow-up to a successful open meeting in which positive ideas were discussed at a meeting in July, the ORR Turf group will host a working meeting on Tuesday, August 6, 7pm at ORR’s library. Working committees will be developed in order to move solutions forward in a multi-track approach. Please visit for more information.

JULY 10th: The final of the 7-step voting process occurred, and after marion and mattapoisett voted yet, rochester residents voted no. This project will continue on. see the home page for the meeting of the turf committee.

June 2019

Voters at Town Meetings and at the ballot boxes in Marion and Mattpoisett overwhelmingly approve the Restore ORR project.

Voters at Rochester’s Town Meeting also overwhelmingly approve the measure, so it goes to a ballot box vote on July 10th.

May 2019

Restore ORR wins by margins of 2:1 in the Marion and Mattapoisett Town Meetings and at Marion’s ballot election. Help us keep this amazing momentum!

Rochester’s Town Meeting is Monday, May 20, 7pm at Rochester Memorial.

Mattapoisett’s ballot Election Day is Tuesday, May 21, from 8a to 8p at Old Hammondtown School.

April 2019

ORCTV broadcasts an interview with students at ORR HS, who describe the “dead” lighting system and the injuries occurring on the fields due to the poor conditions.

You can view the video here:

These students articulately talk about why Restore ORR is necessary.

March 2019

The ORR School Committee voted unanimously in favor of the project moving forward. This project and debt advances to the towns. The towns either decide to absorb the debt or bring the project to voters, who would decide for or against the project.

February 2019

The Town Administrators from Marion, Mattapoisestt and Rochester asked The ORR School Committee to schedule the vote for this renovation project to coincide with the Annual Town Meetings. As a result, the School Committee vote will take place March 26. The meeting starts at 6:30pm at ORR’s Media Center, just below the cafeteria in the back of the building.

Please make every effort to attend!

We encourage you to write to your elected representative on the ORR District School Committee and tell them you support this project and hope they do, as well.

Click here to find your representatives.