The Facilities Subcommittee evaluated the possibility of keeping the main field as grass, but in our research, we found is simply isn’t possible:

•Participation in athletics is up: 64% of kids play on the outdoor fields and track. This translates to a huge demand on our field space.  We can hold 3x as many events on artificial turf than grass.

•The HS grounds staff is maintaining the fields sufficiently, but the fields do not get a ‘rest’ period to repair themselves.  The fields are used throughout the spring and fall. The amount of use on the fields is simply too much for grass to take. A turf field will enable us to allow each of the other grass fields to rest either in the spring or fall.

•We find that our student-athletes are at a disadvantage when competing for college athletic opportunities because college coaches want athletes who know how to play on artificial turf.

•Schools all around us are installing artificial turf. Carver, Somerset-Berkley and Falmouth did in 2018 and Dartmouth and Bourne are in process. Our kids simply fall behind if we don’t modernize our facility.

•The Tri-Town lacks enough quality “rectangular” field space. An artificial turf field would enable youth leagues to make use of the field space. This also creates a way for us to generate revenue that the School Committee intends to keep in a revolving account specifically for future capital needs and not for regular school operations.

Main field pic2 - use.jpg

Why artificial turf?

We simply have no other option due to the high usage.